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Natural Backyard Playscapes

Simple and inexpensive ideas for creating playful backyards, naturally.

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I'm excited to let you all in on a little secret.  I have an eBook in the works.

I'd love to offer all of you - the valued readers who make up the Let the Children Play community - an  exclusive 25% discount code and pre-sale.

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Now, I should probably tell you a little about the book.

The Book 

People the world over are transforming their play spaces into irresistible natural playscapes full of magic, discovery, adventure and fun. 

You can do it to.  It’s easier – and cheaper – than you think. 

Natural Backyard Playscapes is a must-have guide that will give you access to over 250 pages of  simple, low cost ideas for adding easily sourced natural elements to backyards of all sizes, 

Each chapter is full of practical ideas, examples of natural backyard transformations, inspiring photographs, small space solutions and suggestions for setting the scene for hours of play using the following natural materials: 

  1. Sand
  2. Dirt
  3. Mud
  4. A touch of the wild
  5. Stumps
  6. Logs
  7. Picking Garden
  8. Bean teepee
  9. Stones
  10. Water
  11. Natural loose parts
  12. Tree cookies
  13. Dry creek beds
Begin with one or two elements, and build on it over time to create a dynamic, evolving natural play space for your children.  But most importantly, begin and you will be opening the door to endless hours of outdoor fun and building valuable and lasting connections to the natural world.

The Benefits

Playing outdoors in nature makes our children happier, stronger, smarter and healthier.

Sadly, today's children are spending less time playing outdoors than at any other time in history.

You can make a difference to your children's lives simply by giving them more time to play outdoors in natural settings.  

What better - and closer - place to start than your own backyard?

Natural Backyard Playscapes will show you how you can open the (back) door to endless hours of play outside and build valuable and lasting connections to the natural world.

The Bargain

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  1. Can't wait, Jenny! Will put it in the HSBS eNews as soon as it is available.

    x Bethe

  2. Absolutely looking forward to this book !!


  3. Looks amazing! Looking forward to it!


  4. That's exciting - I'm in the process of revamping our backyard and could use some ideas!