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  1. Ideas for adding natural elements to your playscape
  2. What Rusty Keeler Said:  Creating Natural Playscapes Series
  3. Be Reggio-Inspired
  4. Taking Music Outside

Play and Learn

  1. They play, but do they write?
  2. Literacy in the fairy garden
  3. Sign me up
  4. Write?  We can't stop them
  5. Reading Nooks
  6. Just One Spark
  7. A Typewriter in the Classroom
  8. The Biggest Magnetic Letter Board Ever

Creative Thinking
  1. Creative Thinking in Preschool
  2. Learning through play outdoors
  3. Building Pathways - A Grand Scheme with Loose Parts
  4. Loose Parts = imagination + creativity
  5. School readiness - our style

Imagine and Pretend
  1. A morning at the movies
  2. Checking yourself into the preschool hospital
  3. Return of the Fairy Garden
  4. Cooking with herbs in the pretend kitchen
  5. Preschool Teacher or Set Designer?
  6. It's Curtains for Preschool
  7. The Puppet Show is in Town
  8. Alfresco Flower Shop
  9. Pretend Play Outdoors

Minature Playscapes
  1. A frog pond for imaginary play
  2. Imaginative Play in a Tyre


Messing around with wood
Creating mosaics
Nature collage


  1. Splat Painting
  2. Preschool Painting - a whole body experience.
  3. Painting with Rainbow Dye
  4. Sidewalk Paint
  5. Eye dropper paintings
  6. Flour Paint
  7. Super sized string painting
  8. String Painting
  9. Painting with Roll On Deoderant Containers
  10. Super Sized Marble Paintings
  11. Painting with big leaves

Print making with muffin tins
Tile printing


  1. Music Play Outdoors
  2. Ideas for Music Play Outdoors
  3. Taking music outdoors
  4. Building a Banging Post

Nature Play with Clay

Weaving at Preschool
Weaving activities for young children

Re-use old CD's

Potato Slinky Chips
When life hands you lemons
Cooking with veggies from our garden
Tea anyone?


Block Play

  1. Block Play is important work
  2. Props in the block area
  3. Making our own building blocks
  4. 10 ways to attract girls to the block corner


New Directions for the Sand and Water Table
Tinkering at Preschool
Making Potions
Magnifying glasses


Clean Mud

Don't bin your old playdough


Nature Play:

  1. Creating a frog habitat
  2. Preschool Materials do Grow on Trees
  3. Land Art for Kids
  4. Worm Farms
  5. Nature Play Friday - Driftwood
  6. Make your own blocks from driftwood
  7. 10 articles on children and nature
  8. Ant Farms at Preschool


  1. How do we expose children to the natural world?
  2. Legacy of our Bushwalks
  3. Another Week, Another Bushwalk
  4. Nature Play Friday
  5. Bush Adventures at Preschool
  6. A pause in nature


  1. Creating quiet spaces
  2. Be Reggio-Inspired
  3. Beautiful learning spaces in Reggio-inspired preschools


Outdoor Playspace

Mud Play

Sand Play
What children learn in the sand pit.
Sand play with real dump trucks

  1. Fairy Garden in a Pot
  2. Monster Beans
  3. Cooking with herbs in the pretend play kitchen
  4. Tea Anyone?
  5. Container Vegetable Gardening at Preschool
  6. Tea time:  Making Lemon Grass Tea at Preschool
  7. Using Planters in a Playscape
  8. From Plot to Pot:  A preschool veggie garden

Outdoor Kitchen - Mud Pie Kitchen
Play heats up in the mud pie kitchen

Loose Parts Play

  1. Loose parts + Imagination = Their own Obstacle Course
  2. Preschool Playground of Loose Parts
  3. Loose Parts = Imagination + Creativity
  4. Theory of loose parts
  5. How much fun can you have with a length of rope?

Whatever the Weather
Jumping in Puddles
10 Ideas for Outdoor Rainy Play

Outdoor Play Blogs
8 More Outdoor Play Blogs
10 Top Outdoor Play Blogs

Cooking over a campfire at preschool

Digging / Dirt Patch
Our dirt patch - a work in progress


Farewell to our Five Year Olds
More Beautiful Learning Spaces in Reggio-Inspired Preschools
Beautiful Learning Spaces in Reggio Inspired Preschools


  1. Be Reggio Inspired
  2. Reggio Inspired Ateliers
  3. Beautiful Learning Spaces in Reggio Inspired Preschools


Teaching is like a game of whack-a-mole.
Toys from home: yes or no?


Ideas for adding natural elements to your playscape Part 1
Ideas for adding natural elements to your playscape Part 2
Ideas for adding natural elements to your playscape Part 3
What Rusty Keeler Said:  Creating Natural Playscapes Series
Tree Cookies


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10 good reasons why teachers should blog
14 Top Australian Teacher blogs
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