About Me   I'm Jenny, an early childhood teacher.  For 15 years I’ve been teaching young children and in my spare time I’ve even produced two of my own.  In between making their school lunches and picking up their lego, I blog about my days at our small progressive preschool nestled in the beautiful Australian bush.

Mission   Did you know that children are spending less time in unstructured play – especially outdoors and in natural settings – than at any other time in history?  

Meanwhile, there is the pressure to formalise and structure early childhood programs, despite the fact that everything we know about how children learn and develop tells us that it is through PLAY.

Let the Children Play celebrates the importance of play in the lives and education of our children by sharing my own experiences in a play-based preschool and providing inspiration, tips and information to help parents and teachers alike put the play back into childhood.

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