Monday, January 27, 2014

Handy ideas for storing loose parts for play

A quick check revealed that I have written 47 posts on building with loose parts, and almost as many on loose parts play in general.

It would seem that I love a loose part.

And with good reason.  Loose parts are the ingredients for creative and imaginative play.  Children are naturally drawn to them and engaged by them.  They don't have to come from a catalogue - in fact, nature gives them to us for free.  And the list goes on.

They can be tricky to store though, can't they?  Especially the fiddly little bits.

Unless you want your loose parts on the loose, you will need an effective storage solution.  One that children can access, and preferably close to where they will be played with for ease of tidying up.

Here are a few I've found recently:

1.  Old drawers via The Co-op School Blog:

2.  Pretty jars via ABC Does:

3.  Hanging Baskets via Only About Children Cammeray 3 Campus:

And Pre-School Play:

4. Baskets hanging from a Pallet / Fence via DIY Pallet Ideas:

5.  Plant holders from Happy Hooligans:

6. Cane Baskets on the Fence in the Outdoor Kitchen, via Pinterest:

7.  Buckets or tins via Discovery Early Learning Centre:

8.  Baskets via Peabody Terrace Children's Centre:

And Only About Children Neutral Bay Campus:

9.  Milk Crates via Only About Children Neutral Bay Campus:

10.  Tyres via Only About Children Cammeray 3 Campus

11.  An old display shelf, via Puzzles Family Day Care:

For more ideas head over to Let the Children Play on Pinterest, or have a look back in time at this post on Loose Part Storage Ideas:

Do you have any ideas to share?
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  1. Love these ideas:) how wonderfully creative and inspirational! I too am a mother of boys, a teacher of 30 years, and a huge advocate of creative play. I write often about creativity and the priority of play on my blog at see "Let Them Play" at my blog.