Sunday, June 2, 2013

Simple Play Space Transformations #5: A bale of Hay

Welcome to Part 5 of Simple Play Space Transformations.  You can catch up on earlier instalments here:

4.  Mud Pie Kitchens

Now this one is really simple.  Buy a bale of hay - or two or three - and add to your outdoor play space.  Not only does this add a natural element, but it is a cheap and versatile way to add fun and interest.

Just have a look:

Hay bales at Kidz at the Beach create seating and divide the space to creating an inviting reading nook:

Mairtown Kindergarten used hay bales to create a zig zag obstacle course:

And an irresistible child-sized space to call their own:

And even when they bale of hay breaks down, the fun doesn't stop!

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  1. Love this! Used to play with bales of hay when I was growing up, never thought about using it like that at school; we only use loose hay at the moment... Rachel (",)

  2. I love all the different ways that the hay bales are being used. What fun!
    We bought a few hay bales last fall for a seasonal display on our lawn and they very quickly became a favorite place to play for my son and home daycare kids.

  3. I let my son play with a bale of hay I'd bought for our Guinea pigs. He had the best time pulling it apart and delivering it to places in his push along tractor. It made a horrendous mess in the garden but was totally worth it for the hours of happy play