Thursday, May 30, 2013

Simple Play Space Transformations: #4 Sound Makers

Welcome to Part 3 in our little series "Simple Play Space Transformations".  If you missed the first two instalments, let me get you up to speed:  

Today we will look at simple ways to create an engaging space for children to experiment with making sound to their hearts content:

Green Apple Garden Preschool have attached different sized tins to a simple frame:

Preschool Themes has jazzed up an ugly fence by hanging different household objects and play materials to bang away on:  

Cathy's Child Minding has created a pretty darn snazzy music wall using all manner of easily sourced materials:

Magothy Cooperative Preschool shows what you can do with a garbage bin and various sized lids and cake tins:

Garden Gate Child Development Centre has hung cake tins from a branch:

And Days of You and Me have nailed them to a fence:

And Tall Tales nailed them to the side of a cubby:

Even babies can get in on the action:

Saffron Threads

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Stay tuned for the next in the series:  Outdoor Kitchens


  1. Jenny -- Great post, and how much do I love that the banana slicer has a new function/home?!

    :-) Bethe

  2. Some great photos here, Jenny. Thanks for mentioning my blog too.

  3. this is a perfect venue of learning ECE! Kudos!