Friday, May 31, 2013

Simple Play Space Transformations #4: Mud Pie Kitchens

Welcome to Part 4 of the series "Simple Play Space Transformations".  You can catch up on the first three here:

Regular readers of Let the Children Play will know that I am a tad obsessed with outdoor play kitchens - or mud pie kitchens.  With good reason too, I might add.  Mud Pie Kitchens are such valuable additions to any outdoor space because they support so many different types of play and are endlessly engaging to children.

With a mud pie kitchen, you get a lot of play bang for your buck!  Not that you need to spend much to create one.  Use what you have on hand already, and keep your eyes open at garage sales and Op shops - or do what I do and embarrass your children by stopping and picking up things from the side of the road on garbage clean-up days.

Here are some mud pie kitchens to get your creative juices flowing:

Patterson Preschool Cooperative

Flights of Whimsy

Real life, one day at a time
Mudpies and Sunshine
Interaction Imagination
Yay for Home
Caring Connections

So there you have it.  Mud pie kitchens - a simple, cheap, achievable and irresistible way to transform your outdoor play space.

Do you have any images of mud pie kitchens to share?  Pop the link in the comments below or hop on over to the Let the Children Play facebook page and post them there.

For more mud pie kitchen inspiration:

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  1. That's so cool. I never had that but that doesn't mean I never built things with mud- usually buildings, dams and so on. that somehow manages to look quite clean, although the essential idea is that children should be able to get a little messy if they want to without causing trauma to anyone older than five.