Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Simple Play Space Transformations: #1 Tree Stumps

We can create engaging play spaces for young children using easily sourced and low cost (often free!) materials.  

It's easier than you think!  Over the next few weeks I'll show you how, using examples from early childhood settings around the globe.  First cab off the rank is the humble tree stump.
Tree Stumps

Stumps are a versatile addition to any play space, no matter the size.  Sit on them, jump off them, climb over them, balance, play on them or carry them around - children can use stumps in a myriad of creative and imaginative ways.

Here are some suggestions:

Sourcing Tree Stumps

Tree stumps, like many natural materials, can often be found for free.  The trick to sourcing tree stumps is to keep your eyes open around your local neighbourhood.  You will be surprised once you start looking just how often you will discover some that are just waiting for you to take home. 

Potential sources for tree stumps are:
•Council road crews
•Landscape suppliers
•Recycling centres
•Local councils
•Tree lopping services.
•Timber yards

Don’t be afraid to ask! People are generally only too happy to give away tree stumps that they don’t need any more, especially when they learn that they will help to create a play space for children.

Over to you.  I'd love to learn how you have used stumps in your play space.


  1. Hi- loved this post and have reblogged it at www.audaxdesign.co.uk - there are examples of 'playful landscapes', inlcuding use of tree stumps here, too!

  2. So much inspiration here Jenny...thank you for sharing! Stumps and a dry creek bed are next on my landscaping to do list...unfortunately I keep seeing wonderful photos like this and changing design plans!

  3. Thank you so much for this inspiration! My husband just got tons of tree stumps from a neighbor (and a broken toe in the process!). I've been trying to think of just how we could use them.

  4. i really want to get some tree stumps. I know where i can, i just need to get round to doing it. (And a million other things on my to do list!)