Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Tips for teachers to banish interview jitters

Can you spot the difference?

The first shot is preschool Jenny.  The second shot is going to an interview Jenny.

You see, I'm leaving the job I never thought I'd leave and that means looking for a new one.

Which means drying your hair with a hair dryer instead of sticking your wet head half way out the car window on the way to work. And frocking up.  And mascara.

It also means pre-interview nerves.

This morning in an effort to calm them, I put the call out to on the facebook page for tips to calm and centre yourself before job interviews.

True to form, you came up with the goods.

If you too are doing the job interview thing - or anything that causes those butterflies to flutter - these tips are for you:

  • Naomi Giuliano A drop of lavender oil on a cotton ball. Sniff when needed. Good luck!
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  • Carebears Familypage Breath and have faith in yourself. See yourself as confident and successful. It will work. Repeat some positive affirmations. good luck.
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  • Brandy Currie Take a minute ... Close your eyes and remember when u made the decision to embrace the world of children... What made you choose ti takr this career?? What made you smile in college?? Think on these things, and the joy you feel when the children call your name and smile at you  
    You will do great!!
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  • Briana Vineyard Wish I was closer...I would bring you some wild orange and peppermint essential oils 
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  • Jane Balkin Take your shoes off and plant your feet on the ground for 2 mins! Good luck!:)
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  • Susi Pecina Feel your breath, one at a time, feel the soles of your feet at each step... ground... less thinking, feel into each part of your body, where is tension, where is tingling, moment to moment.
    Good luck!
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  • Stories and Children Take a big slow breathe and remind yourself that you are more than capable ... you know what you're talking about ... you have plenty of experience and a wealth of knowledge ... and these people would be blessed to have you! Then enjoy yourself in the interviews.
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  • Heather Hauser listen to music
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  • Julee Johnson When I'm nervous I sing Jeremiah Was A Bullfrog. It's silly but works for me. Good luck!
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  • Kalli Baird Xanax
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  • Jan Nichols McKenzie slow, deep breaths
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  • Claire Sawatzky Downward facing dog or reclining butterfly pose, stay breathe be present  also rescue remedy, available at the chemist. All the best for your interviews!
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  • Karen Leach Rackliff I used to be on an interview committee as well as having been interviewed many times and still was nervous. I always started out by saying right off the bat "I feel so nervous!" Usually the interviewers will chuckle and tell you there is nothing to be nervous about--this always calmed me right away!
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  • Maisie Rowe Get there early and sit on a bench in the fresh air for ten minutes, emptying your mind and breathing deeply
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  • Jodi Barton Adults can play too to manage their stress
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  • Sarah Silvester Eat a banana, the potassium calms nerves x
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  • Julie Mckay Rescue remedy spray, available from chemists and health food shops, works wonders for nerves, dentist etc 
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  • Julie Mckay Also, fake it. They dont know you are nervous if you can pretend not to be 
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  • Gabby Clappison Good luck, you know what you have to offer, deep breaths and let them know how valuable to their workplace you will be  sending you light and love 
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  • Anna Miller Saw this on a NOVA brain science episode recently...Take some time before each interview to actually write down your feelings and why you think your nervous. What are you afraid of? Good luck!!
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  • Helen O'Toole Actually say out loud some of your answers. You need to hear your voice. Plus sit quietly and do calming deep breathing before you leave. Best wishes
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  • Eimear Carron Just remember how super duper you are at what you do. If that fails think of your kid/pet/etc pulling funny faces behind the interviewers!! It'll make u smile if nothing else
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  • Lisa Vreeken I agree with Karen, having been an interviewer as well as an interviewee - say how nervous you are. The interviewers are usually very sympathetic, they've all been where you are before. I always write a few things down and take them in with me. When my mind goes blank from nerves I ask if I can look at my notes and explain that when I'm nervous my mind goes blank and the notes are reminders. Your interviewers want the best person for the job and are usually happy for you to do whatever you need to. It has always worked for me.
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  • Candy Lawrence Try to get the nerves in proportion... remember that maybe you don't even want their job! You are interviewing them as much as they are interviewing you. Focus on what you want to know about their centre to avoid doing a frying-pan-to-fire act. Reframing often helps kill the nerves. 
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  • Katerina Cosgrove Don't try to ignore the nerves. Take a minute or two and really focus on them. Immerse yourself in them, feel them completely. How do they feel in your body, heart, brain? Break it down. Be the nerves. I find that if I do this, they tend to dissipate faster. And I agree, tell the interviewers you're nervous. When we speak the unspoken, it tends to lose its power.
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  • Intentional Play I always pray.
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  • Chela Lucia Meditate for 15-20 minutes minimum. Focus on breathing slow and easy.
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  • Emma Forbes Good luck!!!!
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  • Liz Dutton breath sniff lavendar and rosemary essential oils review and be certain of your mindframe so you can speak confidently research the places you apply for and think of all the reasons why YOU would be an asset for them. go in with the attitude that they'd be LUCKY to hire YOU!
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  • Chandi Holliman Meditate before hand. Breathe in/I am out-breath PEACE. Offer everything up to be guided in what the Divine has in mind. What is best for u? Then let all go. You will be guided to what is best for u. Breath will help you ti remain peaceful. Good luck.
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  • Lindsay Marriott Rescue remedy, it is brilliant. Imagine squeezing a squash ball in your hand to a clenched fist, then slowly opening your hand while you breath deeply and slowly. One of my old swimming coaches gave me this technique when I was 12 years old and I still use it 30 years on.
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  • Astrid Algra just be yourself, and think the universe will give me what is best!
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  • Louise T Davies As you sit outside and wait to be called - Put your hands on your stomach, inhale feel your hands rise as your tummy fills, exhale feel your hands come back towards the spine. Repeat for a few moments. Shallow chest breathing will make you feel agitated, deep abdominal breathing will make you feel calm. AND GOOD LUCK
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How about you?  Do you have any interview tips to share?


  1. What a wonderful variety of tips! That just about covers everything. :)

  2. What an amazing support network you have! Thanks for sharing these ideas.