Monday, March 25, 2013

Be Reggio-Inspired: Top Pinterest and Facebook Sites

Welcome to the final post in the series "Be Reggio Inspired."  To date, we have looked at: 
  1.   Top Reggio inspired blogs
  2.   Reggio inspired indoor environments
  3.   Reggio inspired outdoor environments
  4.   Reggio inspired learning materials
  5.   Reggio inspired learning experiences
  6.   Reggio inspired displays
  7.   Reggio inspired on Facebook and Pinterest

5 Top Reggio Inspired Pinterest Boards
  1. Reggio Emilia @ Play Based Classroom
  2. Reggio Inspired Preschools @ Jennifer Kable
  3. Kate - An Everyday Story 
  4. Reggio Children Inspired
  5. Reggio Emilia Inspiration @ Joanne Babalis

10 Top Reggio Inspired Facebook Pages
  1. Reggio Inspiration Network
  2. Reggio Children Inspired
  3. Images of Learning Project
  4. Atelierista
  5. Garden Gate Child Development Centre
  6. Casa Maria's Creative Learning Zone
  7. Crayons, Wands and Building Blocks
  8. Reggio Emilia Approach Interest Group
  9. The Blue House International School
  10. Fairy Dust Teaching

Over to you. 

Do you have a favourite Reggio-inspired social space to visit?  I'd love you to share it in comments.


  1. I adore your blog you have so many wonderful articles. Love your one on a fairy garden looks like you had lots of fun making it. If you would like to visit my page it is, fairy blessings to you, Alison

  2. A Heartfelt thanks to you!
    It was nice of you to include Casa Maria’s Creative Learning Zone to the top 10 Reggio inspired facebook pages.

    You made my day Jennifer:)

  3. We are new to blogging but consider our setting quite Reggio Inspired... please all feel free to take a look at our blog!

    Kate & Shelby

  4. I absolutely love your site, is full of inspiration and resources!
    thanks for all the infomation!
    greetings from Spain :-)

  5. WONDERFUL Post.thanks for share and Great post,I really like your article and nice pic

  6. Just saw this - thanks for including Garden Gate's FB page! So many great links here!!

    Leigh Ann