Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Be Reggio-Inspired: Top 5 Reggio Inspired Blogs

Welcome to the first of the series Reggio-Inspired Preschool Environments.

Over the next week we will have a little wander through:
  1.   Top Reggio inspired blogs
  2.   Reggio inspired learning environments
  3.   Reggio inspired outdoor environments
  4.   Reggio inspired learning materials
  5.   Reggio inspired learning experiences
  6.   Reggio inspired displays
  7.   Reggio inspired Facebook and Pinterest

Top Reggio Inspired Blogs

Are you after a little Reggio inspiration?  Would you like to learn more about the Reggio Emilia approach?  Do you like to sticky beak into other people's classrooms?

Then these are the blogs for you:

1.  An Everyday Story

2.  Marla McLean, Atelerista

3.  Fairy Dust Teaching

5.  Journey into Early Childhood

What about you?
Do you have a favorite Reggio inspired blog you would like to share?


  1. Thank you for the mention Jenny :D I love Joanne's blog and get so much inspiration from her transformation posts. I haven't heard of Journey into Early Childhood though so I'm off to check that one out :)

  2. ooh some lovely inspiration here to enjoy...thanks for sharing with us...can't wait to explore the rest of your series!

  3. Thank you, I'm honored to be on this list. I am constantly inspired by Let the children play. Mwah! xo Marla

  4. I'd like to recommend a great Reggio-inspired blog that chronicles the studio work of children aged 2 to 14. Anna's blog is beautiful and always thought-provoking:

  5. I'm so appreciative to be included in this incredible blog and post!

    Thank you!

    You continue to provide me with so much food for thought!


  6. Lori at is an amazing resource and mentor...that woman walks the talk of mentorship.