Saturday, February 9, 2013

#thedailyplay weekly roundup

Last week I issued you a challenge.

Capture the daily play moments in your world with a photo, and share them on Instagram at #thedailyplay or on the let the children play Facebook page.

It seemed like a good way to justify my new Instagram obsession.

And you responded!  

As promised, every week I will come in here and share some of your images.  Look what you have been up to:

1. "Wooden vehicles, rocks, drawn road way." from @theimaginationtree on instagram
2. "What can you do with this?" from @akweb89 on instagram
3. "I love me some Reggio." from @kate_aneverydaystory on instagram
4. @jane1984 on instagram

 To see all of the playful pics so far this February, hop on over to:

  • #thedailyplay on Instagram
  • #thedailyplay photo album on facebook.
It's not to late to join the fun.  Post your daily play pictures on the facebook wall or instagram and discover a new community of people celebrating play in the lives of children.

And in other Instagram news, here are a few fab play communities that I've discovered as I dabble:
  • #playmatters
  • #invitationtoplay
  • #creativetable
What about you?  Do you have any favorite Instagram haunts?

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