Friday, February 22, 2013

#thedailyplay weekly roundup take 2

At the beginning of February I issued you a challenge.

Capture the daily play moments in your world with a photo, and share them on Instagram at #thedailyplay or on the let the children play Facebook page (simply post your pic to the wall).

As promised, every week I will come in here and share some of your images. 

This is what the 'let the children play-ers' have been up to this week: 

1.  Brown rice in the water table.  From learnwithplayathome on Instagram #thedailyplay
2.  Mud, glorious mud!  From kmj84 on Instagram #thedailyplay
3.  Fresh green playdough is very popular today.  From athomewithali on Instagram #thedailyplay
4.   Pudding finger painting.  From and707 on Instagram #thedailyplay

1.  Down the back today at our house.  From Suzanne via facebook.
2.  Climbing large trees on hike Carkeek Park Seattle, Washington Fun.  From Chandi via Facebook
3. Pudding finger painting.  From and707 on Instagram #thedailyplay

 To see all of the playful pics so far this February, hop on over to:
  • #thedailyplay on Instagram
  • #thedailyplay photo album on facebook.
It's not to late to join the fun.  Post your daily play pictures on the facebook wall or instagram and discover a new community of people celebrating play in the lives of children.

And in other Instagram news, here are a few fab play communities that I've discovered as I dabble:
  • #playmatters
  • #invitationtoplay
  • #creativetable
What about you?  Do you have any favorite Instagram haunts?

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