Monday, February 11, 2013

social media makes me a better teacher

“Hands down, social media is the most exciting innovation in education today. With the use of networking sites, I have all of the experts who are working in the field at my fingertips.” – Amy Ahola 

Amy and I agree on many things and this is one of them.

A whole new world of information, inspiration and supportive networks has opened up for me since I began dipping my toe into the big, wide ocean of social media.  

Teachers can become isolated in their own classrooms.  Professional learning opportunities can be thin on the ground, as can the chance to see other early childhood settings in action.  

This was certainly the case for me, so I took control of my own professional destiny and 2 years ago sent my first words off into the blogosphere.

Next came my facebook page.  Then twitter.  Then Pinterest.  And now, because clearly I have too much time on my hands, there is Instagram.

With each step I 'met' people from all over the globe who opened up their worlds to me, shared their knowledge, passions and experiences.  I've attended conferences and connected with inspiring folk who are leaders and changers in their fields. 

If I have a question, I now have a brains trust of over 21 000 on my facebook page to help me out with the answers

Like a mobster, I'm connected.

I'm pumped full of motivation and have a renewed passion for teaching.  I have an avenue for reflection, I'm more confident in my own knowledge and expertise, I am supported and I feel like I make a difference by being apart of something bigger. 

All of these things can't help but spill out into the time I spend with the children and their families. 

All of these things have made me a better teacher. 

How I Got Connected

What about you?  What part does social media play in your teaching, if any?


  1. I fully agree. There is always knowledge to be gained from others, and social media is a wonderful way to discover new ideas, or even old ones of which we were unaware.

  2. Agreed Jen! But it's not restricted to Educators. Social Media has made me a better writer. :) x

  3. What a great post Jenny - I fully agree that the resources available to us via the internet and social media are incredible and inspiring. Thank you for your incredible energy and love of all things to do with the early years - I always get enthused when I see an email notification in my inbox from your blog!!!

  4. Great article. And I totally agree. I can't wait to return to the classroom as I know that I will be better informed and connected than ever :)

  5. Jenny- Thanks for inspiring me and continuing to make me a better teacher. I love that the world has become a little bit smaller and better through all of our connections.

  6. Absolutely true! Because of social media I learned a lot of techniques in writing etc. thanks a lot!