Tuesday, February 19, 2013

sand painting at preschool

Sand from the sandpit, PVA glue (we diluted ours with water) and paper or stiff board are all that is needed to kick start a wonderfully creative and sensory experience for preschoolers.

Drizzle the glue on the paper.  This is fun.  You can make many interesting patterns, and as anyone who has ever come into contact with children knows, glue is irresistible.

Sprinkle the sand to the glue.

 Decide that adding some dirt from the garden might be a good idea.

 Shake off excess sand (and dirt) and then hang to dry.

Get out the brooms and have a sweeping party - creating can be a messy business!

Our kids loved doing this so much that I have been thinking of some other ways to add sand to creative experiences.  So far:

  • add sand to tempura paint for easel painting
  • add sand when making play dough
  • set up a potion making station that includes sand
What else?  Ideas?


  1. Colour sand with food colouring.

  2. I do sand painting every year. For me it has morphed into salt painting because I like to use salt shakers and I got tired of sifting the sand so it would come out the salt shakers. I now mix salt with powdered tempera. The children use brushes to spread the glue and then shake off the extra sand---I mean salt.

  3. Love the idea! Perfect for spring & summer days out in the garden!

  4. We have this planned as part of our June lesson plans and I can't wait! I've linked up to you here: http://www.thesweatmanfamily.blogspot.com/2013/06/june-prek-lesson-plans.html