Monday, February 4, 2013

Connecting children and nature

Our kids have develop a very special relationship with our very special patch of bush.

It becomes incredibly familiar while at the same time remaining a never ending source of wonder and discovery.   

There is always treasure to be found:

Or the magic of a really big stick:


The hollow of a rock becomes a bed:

And then a boat:

The future of our natural world is in these little hands.  If they develop a strong connection to the natural world now, then they will fight to save it later.

It's that important.


  1. Super photos! What I love is the sense that the children feel truly relaxed and comfortable-the joy of returning to a familiar space that allows deep learning to take place. And that they will hold those experiences and cherish the space forever.

    1. I couldn't agree more. It takes time to develop deep connections to any space, and going back again and again helps them to do this. My boys have been going down this trail since they were 3 (they are now 13 and 9) and it holds very special memories for them.

  2. I love your bush posts - I do see the same landscape but each post is unique too. It's a great place! And who knows.. if I ever get to Australia I will have to make sure this is a destination not to be missed :)

  3. Juliet, if ever I find you have come over here and haven't visited me I would be very upset indeed :)

  4. So lovely Jenny. I remember lying on a moss splattered rock just like that one and I'll remember it forever. It was the highlight of my hours spent camping. We have a contract on a house that's right next to a nature reserve and my oh my, I'd use it!