Sunday, February 24, 2013

we're bark-ing mad

The bark on the squiggly gums is endlessly fascinating to children (I love it too).

Last week I found a group of boys pouring over a couple of pieces of bark and using the lines as a treasure map.  Who would have thought it!

Now I know that you can't improve on Mother Nature, but with all of this bark lying around I thought the children might enjoy making their own version of squiggly gum.

We are no strangers to bark art.  After all, nature does provide wonderful canvas' to explore.

Here are some other things we have tried:

Have you any creative experiences with natural materials to share?


  1. What a great idea. You could add animal markings in there too!

  2. What a brilliant craft!! I love how it also incorporates different subjects into the activity as well! This would be a great introductory activity for KS2 Science