Friday, February 1, 2013

46 early childhood blogs for your reading pleasure

The call went out this morning on the Let the Children Play Facebook Page to 'flog your blog' and by this afternoon there are 46 fabulous blogs for us all to browse through.

Enjoy the read!

1.  Homeschool Connections
2.  The History Chicks
3.  Tjeko
4.  World Travel Family
5.  Ashpalt Angels in Blue Jeans

6.  What to do with the Children?
7.  Learning from my Kids
8.  Taming the Goblin
9.  BCFamily
10. The Single Crunch

11.   The Path Less Taken
12.   Interaction Imagination
13.   Octavia and Vicky
14.   Tiny Folk Blog
15.   Share the Secret

16.   Sunflower Creative Arts
17.   Kids' Exercise Specialist
18.   Back to Basics Tuition
19.   Play in da Ghetto
20.   The Pratt Centre Blog

21.  PiccoloMondo PR Blog
22.   Love, Laugh and Learn
23.   A Little Life of Play
24.   Peaceful Parenting
25.   National Trust Gower

26.   Right from the Start
27.   Annie's Treks
28.   AsperMom
29.   Misadventures of a Modern Mommy
30.   Mangia Che Ti Fa Bene Bimbo

31.   The Trucker Wife
32.   The Thoughtful Parent
33.   Mrs Myers Kindergarten
34.   Slow Family Online
35.   Anything for an M and M

36.   Little Moments
37.   Hilary's Home Day Care
38.   Sensory Learning for Life
39.   Mummy Musings and Mayhem
40.  The Life and Times of a Day Care Diva

41.   Three Black Cats
42.   Family Heavens
43.  123 Kindergarten
44.  Cuidem els Infants
45.  Learning Activities
46.  Home Montessori with Fantasy

If you missed the opportunity to 'flog your blog', please add your link in the comments below

Or share your blog with us on the LTCP facebook wall.  Don't wait for the next call out.  Pop it on at anytime.  My wall is your wall is our wall!


  1. What a fab list Jenny. I'll be up all night reading and exploring. xoxo P

  2. What a lovely collection of blogs! Can I add mine? It's a collection of simple ideas of things to do with pre-schoolers, particularly boys since I've got 2, that are fun, free (mostly!) and a bit educational.

  3. Great list!! Here is mine:

  4. I love to find all of the new sources of inspiration-- and you make it so easy by sharing! Thanks!

  5. Oh my word! I will sit down later when I have more time and visit some of these! My blog has some education stuff on it (working on a post right now for one of Eric Carle's books) but is not strictly education....plenty of DIY, recipes, funny stories, etc on there too.

    Thanks for the list of early childhood blogs, this will be fun to go through!

  6. Great resources to check out. Thank you!

  7. mine is list you have here

  8. I missed it! Mine is Thanks!!

  9. Thank you for the list. Great stuff. Also for your consideration: All the best from Portugal!

  10. Thanks! I'm looking forward to checking these out.

  11. amazing, so many new ones to check out. Thanks Jenny.
    And please don't forget all the blogs at EARLY PLAY AUSTRALIA - over 40 blogs

  12. Ooo, I love finding new blogs so off to click on a few. Great List Jenny!

  13. Here is mine... reflections on living and working with kids and parents...

  14. I can't wait to check out some of these. Thanks. I'd love anyway to come visit is over at http:://

  15. An amazing list, thank you! You can stop by mine as well, (Peekaboo Beans Playwear for Kids on the Grow)

  16. Awesome list, thank you for sharing! You can add mine, (Peekaboo Beans - Playwear for Kids on the Grow)

  17. More treasure troves to explore! Thanks Jenny. The way you've grouped these blogs is great tool. I'd love to add my blog to the mix. It is all about sharing picture books with young children. The link is
    Many thanks for the inspirational "Let the children play"

  18. Fantastic list Jenny...thanks for putting them all together and for giving us the opportunity to add on your page x


    We've just begun this exciting adventure of blogging about our fun together! It's a pleasure to read all of these established blogs about learning, play and parenting. Thanks for posting!


  20. Thanks for the opportunity to discover many new blogs.
    Here's mine

  21. There's a couple Saturdays of happy blog stalking. Can I add mine to the list.

    rubberboots and elf shoes


  22. I missed your call - take a look at

  23. Check out ours used as a resource by some public schools in NSW endeavouring to bridge the urban country divide.

    Cheers KT

  24. Thanks for the opportunity to add mine too...Growing Book by Book

  25. What an awesome list! Thank you so much for including me x

  26. Thank you for thinking of me for such a wonderful list. All love.