Wednesday, January 30, 2013

#thedailyplay. A photo challenge.

If you are anything like me, you forget to take photos - especially of the little things in life.

This year I've resolved to take more photos.  And I've discovered Instagram.  Put them both together and you've got:

#The Daily Play

Would you like to inject a little play into your day?  To take a moment to capture and appreciate the playful world of the children in your life?

Then join me in a month long celebration of play by sharing a photo of everyday play, every day during February.

How to Play

It couldn't be easier!

  • Take a photo of play, every day.  It could be your child at play, or play in an early childhood setting.  It could be of a play space, or a play activity.  It just needs to celebrate play.
  • Begin on the first of February and see if you can keep it up for a month.  Or jump in at any stage along the way.
  • Once you've taken your photo, its time to share it.  See below for more details.
  • Check out other people's photos.  Be inspired!  You will be able to browse through them on facebook, or on the hashtag #dailyplay on instagram and twitter.
  • Every week I will feature play pics from around the globe here on the blog and on facebook.

Where to Play

  • Facebook.  Simply upload your photos to the let the children play facebook wall.
  • Instagram: Upload your photo, add a caption and the hashtag #thedailyplay and you are good to go.
  • Blog:          Share a montage of your photos on your own blog at the end of the month.
  • Twitter:      Upload the photo and share with the hashtag #thedailyplay.
So, who's with me?

I look forward to being inundated by a deluge of play pics!

PS  You can now follow let the children play on instagram.   Because clearly I have way too much time on my hands.


  1. What a fantastic idea Jenny!!! I haven't climbed aboard the instagram wagon yet so happy you have the FB option...count me in!!

  2. Ironic that i discover this on the first day in March. But i've been seeing the hashtag around instagram and wondering where it originated. I have to be careful with my photo taking. I'm a bit of a fanatic but sometimes reaching for my camera ruins the moment if my son and I are deeply involved in some imaginary play. One of my commitments around play is actually to put the camera down a bit more and immerse myself in his game. Off to check out the hashtag now