Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Painting with flowers

Gather a few of blooms from the garden to dip into paint.

We used edicol dye - a non toxic food colouring dye.  But really, any old paint would do the trick.

You will need a few flowers because they get pretty soggy after a while.  Or why not add in some grasses or leaves for a bit of variety?

What have you painted with lately?


  1. A simple and beautiful ways to enjoy nature and art at the same time. Love!

  2. hehe I had dreams of doing this with Jack and making some wrapping paper….the flowers became drum sticks! Typical, I should have seen that coming :D They are lovely though, aren't they?

  3. Can i use any flower to do this ?? , But you show me this new brush for painting, the "flower brush".

    Really Nice Pictures



  4. My kindergarteners love to paint with roll on deodorant bottles full of paint. I roll out long sheets of bulletin board paper and they race all over it with different colors. They also enjoy painting with old toothbrushes, hot wheels cars, feathers, leaves, fruits and vegetables, pine straw, thick rubber bands, old Barbie dolls (heads and feet), marshmallows, baby socks, their own hands and feet, the list goes on and on... By the way, grown ups love doing these things, too!
    I enjoy your blog. Keep it coming,
    Kindergarten teacher
    Petal, MS

  5. Really nice way to enjoy nature of arts...

  6. painting with flowers are well explained here and what you will have to do to make this type painting.

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