Monday, November 26, 2012

outdoor sculptures with kids

One of our very clever mums did these communal sculptures with the kids in the school playground.

She bought along wood offcuts of different shapes and sizes, and several lengths of dowel.

Each piece of wood had a hole drilled through the centre, so that they could be threaded onto the dowel.

Next came the decorating - with clay, wire, sticks, old pieces of tile and other bibs and bobs.

Such a simple and yet effective way to add a touch of artistic whimsy to an outdoor play space.

How have you incorporated art into your outdoor area?

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  1. These are absolute masterpieces! love them x

  2. I love this. My children love to build anything they can out of scraps. We were just studying about National American Indian Heritage month, and I was thinking about learning about totem poles. This would be a cool way to try to build one! Thanks!