Tuesday, November 6, 2012

monster beans

There was excitement in the playground as the word has got around, our bean hut was yielding a crop of monster beans.  If by crop you mean 3 beans.  But they were enormous.

A crowd gathered to get a closer look.

"Monster beans!"

"We have to eat them!"

How do we share out 3 beans between 25 children?  Chop them into tiny bite-sized pieces.

Small though the sample may have been, our first harvest of fresh, crisp beans went down a treat.

It is such a privilege to be reminded of the excitement,  awe and wonder of the natural world through the experience of young children.

What's growing in your veggie garden?


  1. They are indeed large beans! How lovely that the kids are experiencing the first harvest! My girls loved picking the snow peas on the weekend and then test tasting!

  2. this looks great jenny! i especially love the girl with one shoe on. my preschoolers are always discarding items around the yard and seem completely unaware of it!