Thursday, November 15, 2012

it's playtime - make a bug world

Welcome to another week of  It's Playtime.   

Playful Picks

Little kids love bugs, so why not create their very own bug world?  Picklebums did just that.

Meet my Partners in play:

What have you been playing this week?


  1. Thanks for the great ideas as usual, Jenny! After a LONG sabbatical from my blog, I am back in action. I just posted a mini-book about Sensory Ideas for preschool. Feel free to check it out...I would LOVE your comments and suggestions. I am presenting it at a convention on Tuesday, so any help would be appreciated!

  2. Hi Jenny,
    I loved this linky! Thanks for posting. After a LONG sabbatical away from my blog, I am back! I just posted a new mini-book that I created about sensory ideas for preschool. I'd love your opinions if you get a chance...I am presenting it at a convention on Tuesday, so any suggestions are appreciated.

    1. Kristin - so lovely to have you back. I've missed your blog. I'll hop on over know and have a look at your mini book - thanks for sharing it with me :)