Sunday, October 14, 2012

There's no rush. A wander in the bush.

If you go down to the bush today you might see us...just hanging around.

No agenda.

No hurry.  No time to be back.

No boxes to be ticked.

Just plenty of time to wander through the landscape wherever curiosity leads us.  

  In today’s world of standardized testing, TV, organized sports and electronic toys, children have very little time for just being kids and engaging in real self-directed free play - especially in natural settings.

Let's take free play seriously!


  1. So true. My eldest isn't quite 3 and already looks confused on the rare Saturday that we don't have an agenda. It is funny because I thought I had it "right" by making sure we always caught up with relatives/friends/went on day trips but I am already realising that my child believes that this is what we "should" be doing. Although he was shocked this weekend, he really enjoyed hanging out in his room and playing hide and seek in the park. Great fun and sooo relaxed :-)

  2. Love it - these are the BEST times...always a Surprise what they get up to. We took a rope to the park the other day and they spent several hours hauling each other up hills, tying things up and pulleying a bag up over a fence.

  3. I think it's great that you spend time with your kids. I think bonding with them at a young age is the best way to foster life-long relationships with your children! It's part of why I wrote children's books!

  4. really impressive stuff. thanks for the posts.

  5. Very inspiring! I realized my husband and I took the kids mostly to malls..that's because our area is not really children friendly and we really miss all the parks, the gardens, the zoo (proper one).. I am dropping by from All Kids Activities linky :)