Wednesday, October 24, 2012

take me outside day

Tomorrow is Take Me Outside Day.  Admittedly this a Canadian campaign, but it is so worthwhile I think we can embrace it where ever we may live.

According to the campaign, children in Canada are spending an average of nearly 8 hours a day indoors, in front of screens.  This isn't just happening in Canada.  A 2011 Australian study reported a similar dramatic and worrying shift in childhood activity in Australia from outdoor play to indoor activity.

It seems that in the short space of one generation we have gone from being a nation of outdoor kids to a nation of indoor kids.   

So let's commit to just 45 minutes outdoors with the kids tomorrow.

This is what we will be doing:

I'll be marching the boys out the back door and down into the bush for a walk after school.

They will probably complain so much that you would think that I was marching them through the gates of hell, but the usually stop by about the 10 minute mark!
What will you be doing with your kids outside?


  1. I love the concept of take me outside day...fantastic....but such a shame we need it in today's world! So glad i just posted about outdoor i fit right in with the concept hehe!
    Thanks for the important reminder as always!

  2. We took 125 kids and a smattering of adults for a walk in the forest. (Another 50 kids went yesterday). We were in to be out!


  3. we went outdoors. we went to our steiner farm and fed the sheep and played in the mud

  4. Love your site!

    As a childminder in the UK I take the children out every single day no matter if it is raining, snowing or sunny. The children benefit from it so much and love every minute of it. If you want to read about our days come visit us here: