Saturday, October 13, 2012

preschool teacher or set designer?

I'd thrown a rug down on our wooden "stage", but it was lonely and ignored all morning until I slung up several lengths of colourful fabric behind it.  Within minutes:

the stage was full, and plans were afoot for the next sold out all dancing extravaganza.

Sometimes, being a preschool teacher is just like being a set designer.

We set the stage and then stand back and wait for amazing things to happen.  

And happen they do.  Every single day.  


  1. Yes, if we set the environment, the students will 'create' and use their own imaginations for play. One of my co-teachers was good to work with me on setting the environment for themes each week.
    Here is a quick example of jungle week

  2. I couldn't agree with you more..... standing back and letting what happens - happen !!!

  3. That's a lovely quotable quote! Life's a performance, eh!

  4. Absolutely! I love, love, your set design and this quotable quote too!

  5. I love the link between preschool teacher and set designer!