Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Extra, extra, read all about it.

Let the Children Play is now publishing a monthly newsletter.

Signing up for a free newsletter is simple.  Head on over to the sidebar on the right of the blog, and enter your email address in the space under the heading "newsletter".

Why might you want yet another email to clog up your mailbox?  I think that we are on a similar wavelength. The blogs, news, quotes and play ideas that I find useful in my life are likely to be useful in yours.

And I promise not to fill it with my own blog posts that you have (hopefully) already read!

Right now I have a total of one subscriber.  Me.  I'd love you to join me so I don't get lonely.

Do you have a newsletter on  your blog?  What do you include?

Do you read newsletters on blogs?  What do you find useful?  


  1. Yes please....great idea...signing up now!

  2. Jenny,

    I am certain the new Newsletter is going to be Fabulous and one many followers are going to want to read (and share) regularly!

    Thank you for all you do to promote the importance of play for the healthy development of children. It is so important that EVERYONE realizes the positive difference it makes in wiring young brains!

  3. wow Congratulations! This is a great news! I'm subscribing..

  4. Good really useful thing that you shared.