Tuesday, September 4, 2012

It's curtains for preschool

Nanna's curtains that is.

Strung up between two posts, they create an invitation to peek in and explore what lies beyond.  Or peek out of as you mix up your mud pies and enjoy that delicious sense of seclusion.

They create a statement in the cubby.

And blow gently in the breeze.

Next time you are at a thrift shop, check out the curtain section and see if you can't snap up some lace nanna curtains of your very own.

Use them for cubby making.  Hang them from the clothes line to create a child-sized space.  Drape them from the branches of a tree and lay out a blanket and some books beneath.

What have you picked up from the thrift shop lately that is getting a good workout?


  1. this is a creative and interesting idea. Im sure the kids love it. little different from basic tent making :) plus if you get different textures of curtains the kids would love that as well

  2. Oh lovely! My girls love to dress up as brides in net curtains too.

  3. Our latest find was a $4 play kitchen for the backyard! Love your blog.