Wednesday, September 12, 2012

happy feet

In a world seemingly obsessed with carefulness these days, one of the things I fear is getting lost is the joy of going barefoot, and along with it all the benefits. For little ones, getting and staying in touch with their feet is important.

My son is happy to be enjoying a barefoot childhood, and although I often despair at the dirty state of his feet and the shoes that go missing, I'm pretty happy about it too.

At his school, the kids can shed their shoes.   


You see, as far as I know, there is no research that says that children learn better when they are wearing socks and black lace up shoes.  I'm pretty sure that kids learn best when they are comfortable, and he is comfortable when his feet are bare.  Of course, common sense does come into play and he is asked to wear shoes when the situation calls for it - on cold days or bush walks for example.

Encouraging kids to walk around barefoot, wherever possible, is the best thing you can do for growing feet. It helps the muscles develop and get stronger and allows air to circulate around the entire foot.

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What do you think?  Would you be happy for your child to be barefoot at school?

Images Courtesy Kinma


  1. Lucky kids at that school being able to feel so much more with their feet. Great pictures, think its time for a paddle in a stream.

  2. So wonderful! My husband grew up in a household where bare feet were only meant for indoors and thinks I'm a tad crazy letting the kids (and myself) run around bare foot both at home and at playgrounds but I love it. And if they were to be put in school I would hope they could do the same there.

  3. what a great school rule! I remember getting to the end of school days and taking off my shoes as soon as I got out of the gate, the walk home was much nicer bare foot:) At my day care shoes are optional (especially seems I as their carer usually dont wear them!)

  4. Teaching abroad, I let my preschools take their shoes off in our classroom when ever they want, being in a tropical climate it keeps them cool and comfortable. I myself and other teachers also often have ours off for the same reason. It gives them a homey feeling since many cultures around the world do not wear shoes in their homes. This is something I would not be able to do in my State in the USA due to preschool standards and health codes. So I certainly take advantage of it being abroad. Plus it is so much fun when they can try on each others shoes (huge no no also) and laugh their little hearts out.

  5. We live in Hawaii so slippers are the shoes of choice (flip flops)....My preschooler son wears these to school every day but there have been times when we have forgotten shoes completely for him: oh well, no shoes no problem...bare feet is just fine in Hawaii!

  6. Completely agree! My son has spent the majority of his childhood barefoot & has experienced so many benefits. I am all for going barefoot :)

  7. Fun. That is what education should be. May it be an online higher education degrees
    or a primary education. Learning must stem from fun.

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  9. Yes! I pretty much only wear shoes at work (OH&S policy), and always encourage the children to take their shoes off when they want to. So much more comfortable for little feet, and gives them more freedom to explore :)

  10. I loved trying to walk barefoot on our dirt road (even though it always hurt our tender feet). Made me feel closer to nature, and still does to this day when I'm waking around outside barefoot