Wednesday, September 5, 2012

block car tracks take over preschool

What began as an average "let's build a car track" kind of morning in the block area took an unexpected turn - out the door.

"Let's go all the way to our lockers." they said.

 "Let's go all the way to the sandpit."  they said.

" Let's go to the big tyre." they said.
By now they had run out of blocks and were raiding the shed for wood planks and PVC pipe.

 "Let's go back inside."  they said.
By now they were down to rope.  They'd covered a lot of distance.

Pack up was fun, let me tell you.

Don't you love it when the children think outside the box - or the block area?


  1. super fun! I want to play too!

  2. Yes. I do love it and also when the adults allow this type of activity. Way to go!
    cathie at

  3. How great is this?!! This is what happens when you let children lead their own learning. This sets the pace for them to dream big and that is just what this world needs more of. Well done!!

  4. This is brilliant, as we are only into our 3rd day of a new school year I look forward to reaching this stage.

  5. Very lucky kids, this looks like so much fun! Thinking outside the box and playing together to make it happen.

  6. Very cool! And if they are anything like my kids, suddenly the cars don't play such an important role in the play experience anymore either.

  7. This is great! I love when the kids just go off on their own path, literally. How awesome that you could just allow them to do that, using whatever resources they could find to keep going! Thanks for sharing :)

  8. This is fantastic! The stories and language that must have developed during their indepth planning of this track would be incredible. I can only imagine clean up time though!

  9. At least you didn't let the fear of a busy pack away time to nip this exploration in the bud like so many others might do Jen. I love how they moved from blocks to rope. Anything to keep the journey roling on.
    Was it as much fun for you to watch as it was for them to do?

  10. love it! totally something my children would do. except. they tend to just go up. which leaves things to be quite interesting...