Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Logs in the playscape

Walk the log at your own risk.  One foot wrong and you will be in shark infested waters.

Not just sharks.  Crocodiles and baddies are in the water too.

 And mean submarines.

Who needs expensive playground equipment when you have a log or three?

Did you ever try to balance to avoid those shark infested waters?  I bet you did!


  1. Normally we're trying to escape monsters - but I'm sure there are sharks out there too!

  2. Oh no! Those mean submarines sound terrible! We are always walking across a particularly ferocious volcano! Always with the volcanoes :D

  3. I remember doing this all the time growing up!

  4. Yeah for the good old wooden log. Thanks for showcasing these.
    I still do try to balance on them every chance I get - it's cool when I am with my grandson but at other times get a few weird looks. (I don't care)