Wednesday, August 22, 2012

delightfully disgusting

The day was delightfully sunny, so what better to do than get stuck into that marvellously sensory business of making goop alfresco style.

 Mixing the cornflour and water together with little hands and curious minds:

 Is is a liquid, or is it not?  Firm under pressure, and oozy, slimy, runny goo when released.

The exploring and experimenting didn't end there.  When the outdoor kitchen is so close, how tempting is it to see what will happen when you mix goop with dirt:

and wood shavings:

and grass:

Preschool experimentation at its delightfully disgusting best!


  1. I have to admit, when we do this activity in my in-home daycare program, I can't help but get right in there with the kids. It feels so cool... and weird! :)

  2. My kids love that stuff! We just made it a couple days ago and they added their dinosaurs and other animal figurines. It became quick sand and mud.

  3. I just love goop. I did the Soap Flakes version the other day with my kids!