Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Never underestimate a rock.

Rocks.  They're all around us, but we don't really pay them much attention.  Unless you are four years old that is.

To young children just learning about the world they live in, rocks are are truly worthy of attention.  You might even go so far as to say that they are irresistible.

To our young children in particular, they have been a constant source of engagement over the past term.

They started off by gathering them.  Moving them.  Arranging them in piles.  Moving them again.

Then they discovered the joys of breaking rocks, and crushing them on the concrete.  Oh, the endless hours of pulverising rocks, working out which ones could be crushed the easiest, observing the colours and treasures hidden inside the rocks, hitting them with hammers -

and carefully and painstakingly sweeping up the rock sand into containers to be kept as treasure.

 Then the painting started.

And the idea of a rock shop was born.

They needed customers, so we wrote out an invitation to the Primary school kids to come and see our rock shop, and hand delivered it.

They displayed their wares to good effect.

And then they crushed them.  And so it began all over again.

Never underestimate a rock.  As a teaching material it has given us 10 weeks of physical activity; team work; problem solving; shared experience and co-operation; experimentation; imagination; pretend play; creativity; literacy and numeracy.


  1. I agree totally. Rocks are awesome!
    now i need to find us some good crushing rocks!!! :)

  2. Love it! What great ways to have fun with they loved getting ready for their shop! My toddler twosome have been having fun with big bushrocks Dad has been clearing lately!

  3. What beautiful rocks! They did a great job painting them. :)

  4. This is wonderful Jenny....I spent some time this year in the sandbox with a group (preschool) of sandbox "Rock Scientists"-who create a Rock Museum-sorting rocks by sizes, colors and "best rocks" etc-used chalk to circle the rock groups and write the scientists names :-) on the outside of the sandbox..Love the idea of a store...what a great experience!! Thanks for sharing..Ann

  5. Fabulous - this just demonstrates how children take play to a new level. I love the idea of a rock shop. Thanks Jenny - great photos too. Wow!

  6. Good day. I like your blog post. It all looks fantastic

  7. I just found your blog through Teacher Tom's blog roll. I. Love. It.

  8. Love this post! This is a great reminder that we can find inspiration in the simplest things.

    Recess is a rallying cry for kids and adults to take a break from the daily grind, get outside, and create their own playground. Thanks for encouraging other families to be active!

    KEEN Recess Team

  9. Love your blog!
    I nonomated you for an award.

  10. I love your site! I have nominated you for a blog award. Have a blessed day!

  11. Hello Jenny, just wanted to say how much my kids have loved playing on the rocks in the bush behind our garden. There are big ones and small ones and you can grind them, throw them... years of entertainment. Hooray!

  12. This site is awesome!

    We had so much fun with rocks at the beach. At first it was disappointing that it wasn't sandier (impossible to make sand castles), but then the rocks themselves became a source of joy. What an awesome blog..can't wait to read more.

  13. My children paint rocks too. I'm fascinated. They use watercolours, or mix the acrylic paint with water, so the colours are quite muted compared to yours. I would never have thought of it. Some were just absorbed up the activity, like a meditation. Others were knights painting rocks for their rock shop. We didn't actually line them up on display though. Some were put in little piles under trees, others were put back in the dry creek bed. A little girl found one the other day, she was amazed. She picked it up so carefully, like a precious treasure, and asked to take it home because it was so special.

  14. What fun! I love the bright colors you painted with!

  15. thanks for sharing.