Monday, July 2, 2012

Mud painting

We all know about jumping in mud puddles; squishing and squelching mud between the fingers and toes and making mud pies, but have you ever thought of painting with mud?

Everyone is doing it, it seems:

With our playground full of squishy, squelchy mud puddles just begging to be explored, the time was ripe to try a little mud painting of our own.

Our version was simple.  The clear perspex easel was plonked down next to the gooiest mud puddle, and the children were given free reign with thick paint brushes.  They soon discovered that mud is like a gloriously textured finger paint and abandoned the brushes in favour of the hands.

The sensory qualities of mud make it an ideal medium for children to explore in all manner of ways.

What have your kids been doing with mud lately?  


  1. I love this! I will have to try this this week with my son. We still have the mud in the baby pool in the back from our International Mud Day Activity. Didn't think of painting with it! My son will love it! Here is my post about what we did on Mud Day. Thought I would share! Thank you!

  2. We enbraced international mud day in our playground for the first time this year, and Oh what a lot of messy fun play not forgetting the cleaning up afterwards. We are going to work more muddy play into our summer programme this year and we might even introduce a mud pit. Great inspiration from the links you post! Thanks HMAP

  3. We love mud! We even brought it inside :)