Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Table top print making

You mean I can paint on the table?  Yes please.

A paper-sized outline drawn onto the surface of the table served as the canvas for these colourful creations.  Once completed, the children pressed a sheet of paper onto their artwork and gently peeled it back to reveal their print.

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  1. When I was working at the Children's Art Museum, we did this. We used small tables with plexiglass tops. It was wonderful to watch the older kids try and write messages.

    They would come out backwards. They would try and write backwards, and some would write - climb under the table looking up trying to write backwards.

    The most heart warming was a class that included a child that was severely dyslexic. The other kids teased him about his handwriting and other issues. So the teachers stuck very close to try and defuse the situation. They came to our printmaking exhibit.

    He was the only one that could get his name to come out forwards both on this and on the styrofoam block printing. He wrote everyone names of everyone in the class backwards and they painstakingly tried to copy the backwards writing onto their printing media.

    The teacher called me a couple weeks later - the teasing had stopped. The kids finally got how this little boy saw the world and how much he struggled. They went from teasing him to being fiercely protective of him.

  2. Lovely, colourful fun! I love watching children's faces when they see their print!

  3. Jennifer, I really love this idea - I am always looking for new art activities & thisnk this is one I'll try. I have done something a little similar with finger paints but usually just wiht one colour, thanks for sharing.

  4. This is also great for colour mixing, expecially if you have tube paints. Children enjoy squeezing out some paints. Then they can mix the colours together. Get them to write their name in the paint then take a print.

  5. We are going to try this! It looks like fun- and great idea bringing it outside.

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  7. Awesome! Great way to get kids thinking outside the box (or outside the paper?). Now I just have to find a spare table...