Tuesday, June 5, 2012

preschool engineers

When we give children the opportunity for long periods of uninterrupted unstructured play with open ended building materials they accomplish great feats of engineering.

Building airoplanes in the sandpit with a selection of wood pieces:

Constructing grand scale buildings, complete with staircases:

Designing marble runs:

Constructing houses....

that are big enough for a child to sit in:

I'm always tempted to put out something different, something new, something other than we did yesterday for the children.    

Sometimes I forget that children need time, time and more time to explore, experiment, discover, invent, recreate, revisit and build on past experiences.

Then I look at what they are doing now with simple old unit blocks, and I remember.


  1. We sometimes feel the same way about his train tracks but he manages to arrange them in different ways each time.

    We went a fayre yesterday and they had those expensive soft play blocks and spent 1h plus making houses etc. Inspiring are those children.

  2. What a wonderful reminder to give kiddos more time to use their imagination and construct different things on their own. They have such great ideas when you encourage them to think for themself and put their ideas into actions. Love this!

  3. As a mother of two in daycare (2 at school) a supplier of natural and organic, fair trade wooden toys to Child Care centres, I wanted to say I am absolutely loving this blog. I'm a recent subscriber and I thoroughly enjoy it. I am hoping we can get the centre our children go to to embrace some of the innovative ways you have engaged your children in.
    I love the new framework, and the fact that ridding of our centres of most of the plastic toys, really encourages imaginative place and develops many needed skills going forward for children.

    Thanks again

  4. How do you inspire this type of play? Usually the only thing my kids do is to build roads with the blocks.

  5. How do you inspire this type of building? Usually my children only build roads.

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