Monday, April 2, 2012

write? we can't stop them.

Yes, I can see that they are having fun playing. 

I notice that there doesn't seem to be much structure to your program. 

I can't see evidence that you sit down and teach them their letters and their numbers. 

I don't want my child to be behind the other children in Kindergarten. 

It's all very wonderful, but will the children learn to write?

Just try to stop them!

They write their name on their paintings:

They write tickets to their shows:

They write on their block plans:

They write signs for their cubby:

And maps to show where they have buried the treasure:

They write their own books:

They write on rocks, with rocks:

They write on the concrete:

They write on the typewriter:

They write warnings to bugs:

And warnings to boys:

In a play-based curriculum, each day provides opportunities to learn about writing through real, meaningful situations in a safe environment that lets them try new challenges, solve problems and experiment with supportive and interested adults who understand how children learn and develop.

Really, we couldn't stop them writing if we wanted to.

Long live play based curriculum and let’s hope this latest spate of attempting to structure and formalise reading and writing in preschool because “children reportedly said they wanted it”, disappears as quickly as it arrived. - Kathy Walker

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  1. As a preschool teacher...thank you!

  2. A beautifully put explanation of how being a play based or project based program is supporting children in all aspects of life including academic. It is sad that some programs focus solely on academic and take all the joy, love, and real learning away from children.

  3. Thank you for, once again, showing the how's and why's for keeping the play in children's learning! I will share this with my readers!

  4. I will use this post in my ECE class that I teach at the community college. Thanks.

  5. At the risk of sounding redundant....Thank You! This is a wonderful response to parents who are concerned about their child's ability to "write"! I will share this with my readers!!! Thank you again!