Tuesday, March 13, 2012

spicing up cloud dough

Variety is the spice of life (excuse the pun) so we decided to add an extra sensory element to Cloud Dough by letting the children mix a variety of fragrant spices into the recipe.

Unfamiliar with Cloud Dough?  It has a delightfully soft and silky texture, with similar properties to wet sand making it perfect for moulding and shaping.

To make Cloud Dough you will need:

8 Cups of plain flour
1 Cup of baby oil

Let the kids pour the ingredients into a big bowl, and mix together with their hands.  Simple.

I doubled the recipe, but there still wasn't enough for a lot of moulding and shaping to take place because we had so many eager little hands wanting in on the action.  Next time I would double it again - more is more when it comes to sensory experiences!

After all the mixing and exploring, I set out the jars of spices with small spoons so that the children could scoop the spices of their choice into the mixture.   

In no time at all the fragrances transported us from our Aussie suburban preschool to an Indian bazaar. 

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What sensory experiences have your children been enjoying lately?

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