Tuesday, March 6, 2012

it's not a mistake, it's an experiment

We tried to make a new sensory play recipe called Semolina, and things went horribly wrong when I miscalculated the amounts needed to increase the quantities.  Instead of the anticipated sticky, gooey paste our mix was decidedly runny.  .   

"It's okay Jenny." one of my fellow mixers assured me.  "We can fix it in the kitchen."

So off it went, our failed Semolina, up to the outdoor kitchen where it provided an afternoon of gluggy, gooey pouring, mixing, experimenting, sensory fun and learning.

What will happen if we add wood shavings?   How about these packing peanuts?  In they all go.

How can we make it darker (they were making chocolate by this stage)?  Dirt of course!

We might not have provided quite the sensory experience we were planning on, but something even better happened.  The kids took over and made it their own.  What started as a failed recipe turned into an afternoon long experiment initiated and carried out by the kids themselves. 

Curiosity, playfulness and a natural inclination to investigate the world around them make children the perfect scientists.  Sometimes us adults just need to throw away the recipes, step out of the equation and let the kids get on with it themselves.

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