Monday, March 19, 2012

Is it a preschool, or is it a camp site?

Tents:  the perfect way to create temporary cubby houses, shelters, places to hide away, places to pause, places to gather with a few of your friends, places to imagine - or just to divide up a room or the outdoors into different play spaces.

During what I shall refer to as the 'great rains of Feburary' this enormous 4 room tent - kindly donated by a preschool family - created a very handy outdoor room.  There is something very cosy about being in a tent and listening to the wind blow, and the rain splatter on the roof.

Our new teepee - also kindly donated - is the perfect hideaway for one or two children:

And then there is my favorite type of tent - tents built by the children themselves.  This teepee was knocked up by 2 of our children last week using planks of wood and material scraps in the sandpit:

For further reading on tents in preschool, you might enjoy:

Do you use tents at preschool?

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  1. Wow, so you guys build tents inside the preschool? Sadly we don't have that much of wide spaces to do this though... would be quite fun I guess.