Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday Favorites - Week 1

Who's up for a spot of reading?

It is truly ridiculous the number of links that I bookmark each week.  I subscribe to a gazillion blogs and constantly find inspiring, informative and interesting posts that I'm dying to share with you - way too many to share on the Let the Children Play facebook page without leaving you feeling bombarded.

So I've decided to bombard you here on the blog instead.  Every Friday.  And I've decided to call it Friday Favorites, because I'm original like that.

To kick off the inaugural Friday Favorites, I give you:

Posts about Learning Outdoors

::: Ko te Ngahere - Our Forest Program from Little Eyes on Nature

::: Exploring Bricks - Outdoor Play from Sun Hats & Wellie Boots

::: Box Play Outside from Playfully Learning

::: Outdoor Learning Artscapes

::: After School, After Dark from Play Learning Life

::: Why Kid's Climb from Gill Connell of Moving Smart guest posting on The Parenting Expert

::: Risky Business from Learning for Life

Posts about Preschool and Play

::: A Place to be Yourself from Brick by Brick

::: The Point of Play is that it has no point from Think Big

::: Recipes for Homemade Fun from Positive Parenting

::: R is for Reading Corners from Preschool Daze

::: The Playful Parenting Series from The Golden Gleam

::: She Might Even Inspire You from Teacher Tom

::: Spontaneity Wins Again from Play Counts

Posts about Alternative Education

::: A Map of the Alternative Education Landscape from Education Revolution


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