Wednesday, March 28, 2012

building pathways: a grand scheme with loose parts

Did I tell you how unseasonably wet it has been in Sydney this summer?  After weeks and weeks of rain our outdoor play space resembled a swamp.  Of course, this bothered the adults more than the children:

But after a while, even they tired of muddy feet and shoes - until one little bloke came to the rescue.  Using pretty much every piece of wood he could lay his hands on he created a walking track that led from one end of the play space to the other.

With handy detours to all the hot spots, like the swings:

No more muddy feet!
Children who have the opportunity for plenty of free, unstructured play outdoors have been shown to play in more imaginative and creative ways.  This is especially true when they have access to lots of 'loose materials'.

With loose parts such as wood, tyres, milk crates or rope readily available and the permission to use them as they please, children can not only come up with grand ideas like this one, but have the resources to carry them out.

Go loose parts!

What have the children in your world been building with loose materials lately?

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