Tuesday, February 14, 2012

yes, she is posting about mud pie kitchens again

Yesterday I posted about mud pie kitchens, so I hope you are not sick of them because here I am today, posting about them again.

I love mud pie kitchens because they are a simple and inexpensive addition to an outdoor play space - either at home or at preschool - that inspires creative and imaginative play for all ages and abilities.

The perfect accompaniment to sand, mud, dirt and nature's very own loose materials mud pie kitchens can be created from easily sourced, reused and recycled materials.

You don't need fancy nancy equipment to create a play space that will engage young children - just take a look at my latest pinterest mud pie kitchen finds:

All that you need to get the mud pies cooking and the imaginations flowing is:

  • a flat play surface
  • a source of sand, dirt, mud and natural resources such as twigs, leaves, seed pods and bark
  • containers that can be used to fill, pour and mix
  • old cooking utensils 
  • old pots, pans, sieves, funnels
For more information on setting up your mud pie kitchen, you might like to look at:

Do you have a link to your mud pie kitchen that you'd like to share?

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