Saturday, February 4, 2012

playing in the rain

Our first week back at preschool and we weren't going to let a little thing like rain - and rain, rain and more rain - stop us from getting outside to play.

When the heavens open up, so does another world of outdoor play possibilities for exploring, experimenting, imagining and creating.

Painting at the easels turned into painting in puddles:

Pots of edicol dye mixed with water (food colouring is just as effective, or the dregs of your paint pots mixed with water ) and chunky brushes turn the water into bright swirling puddles of colour...

...which will wash away with the next rain fall.

Weeks of rain transformed the sandpit into a giant puddle, and the opportunity to explore the building possibilities of wet sand or to simply delight in the splashing of water and the wet sand that drips through your fingers.

Young children are artists, engineers, builders, explorers and scientists.  The beauty of the outdoors is that their canvas, their building blocks and their laboratory are constantly changing with the weather and the seasons, throwing up new opportunities for learning, adventure and fun.

There are so many wonderful preschool programs out there - and parents with children at home - that recognise the importance of outdoor play whatever the weather. 

Here are just a few:

Cold, slushy play at Happy Little Messes
Lots of Rain = Lots of Mud at Stomping in the Mud
Mud Pie / Snow Cake Kitchen at Child Central Station
Finding Ourselves in the Muck at Our Feminist Play School
Muddy Muddy Fun at Learning for Life

Do you go out whatever the weather at preschool?

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