Wednesday, February 15, 2012

packing peanut mush

A basket of cornstarch packing peanuts + a collection of bowls + water  = sloppy, goopy, sticky fun.

The pellets dissolve delightfully in the water, creating an almost glue like consistency with a very satisfying squelch factor when squeezed between little fingers.

Eventually - and inevitably - the goopy results were transported to the mud pie kitchen.

If you ever wondered what packing peanut mush, sawdust, sand and dirt make when mixed together:

The wonderful Beansprouts Preschool blog added colour to their water to create a more colourful version of packing peanut mush.

The also-wonderful Teacher Tom added packing peanuts and liquid colour to the art table, providing another way to experiment and create.

Image Teacher Tome

How have your children experimented with packing peanuts?

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