Sunday, February 19, 2012

outdoor play is not a waste of time

When I play outside :

I take risks

I face challenges

I solve problems

I make choices

I belong

I learn about my world

I discover and explore

I experiment

I imagine

I create

I take responsibility

I collaborate, communicate and co-operate

I lead

I can be noisy, messy and adventurous

I am independent

I am resilient

My body is strong

I learn about the natural world

I invent

I build

I am calmer and less anxious

I have a strong immune system

I wonder

I feel good about myself

I can be wild

I can be still

I find out what my body can do

I observe, I smell, I listen, I touch, I taste

I focus and concentrate

I feel connected to the natural world

I watch things grow

I explore mathematical and scientific concepts

I solve conflicts

I pretend

I am motivated

I am curious

I am master of my universe

I am healthy

I make up stories

I master physical skills

I have fun

Outdoor Play is NOT a waste of time

Give me long stretches of time for unhurried, unstructured play outdoors.

It makes me happier, healthier, stronger and smarter.

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  1. Many thanks for sharing! Playing outdoor is not a total waste of time. It's a great opportunity to stay healthy and strong! Check out one more entry on this topic! Thanks!