Friday, February 24, 2012

our perfect spot for nature play

"… a ditch somewhere – or a creek, meadow, woodlot, or marsh…. These are places of initiation, where the borders between ourselves and other creatures break down, where the earth gets under our nails and a sense of place gets under our skin.… Everybody has a ditch, or ought to. For only the ditches and the field, the woods, the ravines – can teach us to care enough for all the land."

— Robert Michael Pyle, The Thunder Tree, 1993

When we visit the creek, the children are immediately drawn to this small channel of water flowing through the rock.

Dams are built, bridges are constructed, boats are raced and feet are cooled.

It is perfect for preschoolers.

Almost as if nature knew that we would be visiting, and created it just for us.

Where is your perfect spot in nature for play?

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