Wednesday, February 8, 2012

More ideas for creating backyard play spaces

Yesterday I shared some simple ideas I used to create a play space in our backyard, and today I'm going to share another one.  

Put down your garden clippers and let your garden go a bit wild.

We adults are pretty keen on keeping our gardens neat and tidy.  Children, on the other hand, like a touch of wildness in their play spaces.  For them, overgrown beats well manicured any day of the week.

I'm not suggesting you let your backyard turn into the neighbourhood jungle (although that would be pretty cool) - just consider allowing a space in your garden to be left a little wild to create child-sized nooks and crannies and unexpected surprises. 

It is these spaces that spark the imagination, invite exploration and ooze with play potential. 

These ferns overhanging our side path almost create a child sized tunnel - with the addition of a blanket and some cushions it becomes an inviting secluded space to settle in and read.  

Tree cookies to create a path in amongst lush plantings leading to....wherever a child's imagination takes them:

A secret little corner that whispers 'magic can happen here':

A simple arrangement of odds and ends in an overgrown garden bed creates an invitation to play.  Could fairies live here?  I think they could.

For more information on creating wild spaces and hiding places for children:

As Rusty Keeler, author of the wonderful Natural Playscapes writes:  

Playscapes don’t always have to pretty and pristine —just chocked full of possibility, plants, and imagination

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