Monday, February 20, 2012

large scale constructions in the sandpit

Our older kids love to create larger scale constructions in the sandpit.  It is easy for them to dig in the posts or push in bamboo stakes to become the basis of walls.

The children discovered that if they wove the bamboo garden stakes through this plastic garden mesh a few times before pushing the stake into the sand, the stakes will hold the mesh in place.  Instant walls.

When they are on a building spree, it seems that the whole playground gets moved into the sandpit.  It might look a little like the footpath on council clean-up day, but every part serves a purpose or has a story.

We have a number of "loose materials" or "loose parts" on hand for the budding builders and engineers to use:

  •  different lengths of smooth, wooden planks
  • wooden pallets
  • garden stakes
  • plastic garden mesh
  • hessian
  • old sheets
  • reused plastic flower pots
  • plastic reels
  • different lengths of rope
  • plumbers pipe
  • milk crates
  • tyres
  • wooden crates
  • large wooden blocks
  • large cardboard boxes
  • carpet squares
  • clipboards and pens
  • tools
  • natural materials such as fallen branches, big leaves, sticks, stones, bark
Why not  leave a pile of loose materials next to the sandpit, step back and see what happens?

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