Friday, February 17, 2012

easel in the sandpit

The hunt for buried treasure in the sand pit was on.  And if the shoulder-deep holes in the sand were anything to go by, these were a dedicated bunch of treasure hunters in need of a treasure map.

The easel was moved to the sandpit to draw maps - or whatever else took their fancy.

The map drawing was accompanied by lots of storytelling - complex plots and plans of how and why the treasure was to be buried and the traps that would need to be set to deter treasure thieves.

Where else have you put your easel to good use outdoors?

::: Beansprouts Preschool took their easel to the mud pie kitchen.

::: Child Central Station created an easel on their back fence.

::: Kid's Corner Preschool Nature Explore Classroom sets up "strategically placed easels to encourage children to observe carefully and recreate what they see in the natural world."

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